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        Plastic cups with a few common

        Yesterday, this reporter interviewed more than 20 people, no one Cosmetic Tube can tell the public the shelf life of plastic containers. In the survey, a common food-grade plastic products, with three or four years or even longer is more common.

        "I heard only mark the production date, shelf life has been heard." Visits, some plastic products sales business took a few products to reporters, either glass or bowl, have no shelf life.

        Subsequently, the reporter under a plastic cup on the contact information, contact the manufacturer, the staff answered that the current state only requires labeling materials, use, production Airless Pump Tube date, note, etc., there is no shelf life of one.

        Supermarkets and other shopping venues in the city, when the reporter consulted plastic products can be used long time, the majority of Purchasing Guide to answer is: "to change a worn out, with not bad to continue to use, we really do not know it how long. "
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