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        European waste plastic recycling trends

        Development on waste plastics recycling, waste management policy must take into account the mitigation, re-use, the balance between the mechanical recycling, feedstock recycling and energy recovery. Resources management and waste prevention in Europe's most powerful solution to make a choice from this series of programs and applications, and provide the maximum environmental benefits of each technology. This is the only way to ensure full consideration of the specific circumstances and can achieve the maximum recovery. Specific performance:

        1, the revision of the guidelines for the European waste recycling. Such as the right to a clear Airless Pump Tube waste disposal classification (to favor recycling), the goal of recovery and recycling 50% of household waste.

        2, REACH system real impact to the interests of the European recycling industry need to focus on practical measures and with the REACH system specification recyclers;

        Selective collection will be increased. As more plastic waste types, however, the majority of acquirers need only one or two of pure substance, selective collection will become one of the trends of the future.

        4, some materials, such as PET, due to the market recovery Needle Nose Tube of growth in demand for recycled materials, local organizations will increase.

        5 for other materials such as LDPE, exports are still very important. In terms of plastic recycling, reuse anyway, there will always be a part of to become a so-called junk. However, these residues, there are still a lot of heat, the method makes full use of the energy of all of the ultimate use of the technology is the use of incineration residues, and the combustion residue can be directly into the composition of the soil. The release of many harmful gases in the combustion process, and how to eliminate these harmful gases, is the need to study and solve problems in the future.

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