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        Small Tube

        Small Tube Injection stretch blow molding hollow plastic called an extension than the ratio of the length of the plastic parts parison length. Extending the ratio of choice is very important. Extending ratio is determined, the length of the parison is determined.
        2) Temperature factors: alcoholic water-based products with the temperature increasing volume larger: water-based products that contain alcohol, the volume will be significantly less than 35 degrees Celsius when the volume of product at room temperature 5 degrees Celsius.
         Preparation and filling factors.
         Within the material in the process of preparation and filling of the packaging process, within the material objects are stirring and materials impact will produce bubbles and foam. Within the material to produce a volume change.
        (1) preparation of factors: the mouth Gel products because of the high viscosity of the inner timber, the in manufacturing mixing process will into a lot of air, so the semi-finished product will save a lot of bubbles, affect the volume of the products.
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