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        Laminated Tube

        Laminated Tube material molding process:
        The most common molding: injection molding, blow molding, injection stretch blow molding.
        (A) injection molding to be concerned about the main points:
        2. Container forming way: injection molding, blow molding, injection stretch blow molding.
        3. Surface decoration and post-processing effects: container after surface treatment can printing, hot stamping, labeling (also available in-mold labeling)
        Scope: good compatibility with the cosmetic material. Suitable cover, inside cover, liner, sealing film, plastic plug, shampoo bottles, etc.. Solvent-based nail polish, but should not be done to light products such as water container.
        Injection molding product structure design, will affect the content must be concerned about the quality of the appearance of plastic products: gate location, the parting surface location, products wall thickness.
        1 gate location
        Point feed: good filling properties outside center feed injection plastic flow, and applied to the top surface of the requirements of the general products. Head of residual traces of feed inlet position there will be material, to some extent will affect the top the plane printing and bronzing.
        The point feed: within the center (top) feed to overcome the defects of outside center feed. But complex mold processing, feed port more than expected too long.
        Side feed: Submarine feed for soft plastic, the molding process of the plastic parts prone blendstock marks, poor exhaust the apex angle coke material, plastic parts side feed location there are obvious traces of residual adverse defects.
        Feed side: the bottom edge of the feed in the top plane of the special requirements which can not conveniently be placed in the feed inlet, plastic parts products easy blendstock marks in, poor exhaust, the apex angle coke material, plastic parts parting surface will have material the head residual traces adverse defects.
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