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          Shangyu Wanrong(Whole Prosperity)Plastic Co.Ltd. in Shangyu is a new star in cosmetic-tube packaging industry. In its not very long development process, the company sticks to the spirit of “ Packaging according to the customers’ actual circumstance”, and continually takes innovations and development.main produces Plastic Tube,Cosmetic Tube,Cosmetic Packaging
        The company has been always importing the advanced facilities in order to enlarge the productivity and improve the quality. Through its importing new technology and its lasting efforts, now this enterprise can produce various products, including all kinds of dia. 16mm to dia. 60mm plastic tubes, 5-ply compound extruded tubes, profiled oval-tube, extremely compressed tubes and a series of new products. Moreover, besides the general cosmetic products, we are also engaged in manufacturing tubes in other promising industries, such as food, medicine, industry and so on. The full variety, pleasing appearance, competitive price and modern fashion which you can find on our products make our company more competitive. We offer full service; we produce various kinds; we gain the reputations.
        A thousand-li journey begins with the first step—the highest eminence is to be gained step by step.
        Only innovations can bring the future, which is considered as the development road by the company. Innovation is the key to success. Today, to face the changeable marketing and the competitive environment, we believe that stand higher, see farther, and that only innovation and go-aheadism can help us develop in the information Times.
        In the further, we wish to grow together with you. Please contact us ,you will receive best products and service.

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